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Kelly Renner, CFP®

Kelly Renner, CFP®

Certified Financial Plannerâ„¢ Professional

I proudly served 4 years in the US Air Force.  I earned my bachelor’s in business from Baker College in 2000.  I started in the financial services industry in 2001 and by 2003 realized I would have to have my own business if I wanted to take care of my clients the way I felt they should be taken care of.  I envisioned a firm that allowed me to always put the client’s best interest first and never worry about how much money I made.  I earned my master’s in science of finance in 2005 and my Certified Financial Planner designation in 2007.  I was a corporate analyst and controller, but my passion is personal finance and helping people change their relationship with money. 

I am blessed to be a financial planner and I love working with my clients.  I feel like they are an extension of my family and I will do what I can to help make their lives better.  I spend several hours a week learning different aspects to comprehensive financial planning.  This is how I can help my clients manage their ever-changing lives.  We have a great team at Life Strategies, and I love that we all work together to improve our client’s lives.  Each of us cares about what our clients are facing, and we take an active role in providing the best service possible. 

My personal life is very much intertwined with my professional life.  Jason and I have been married for 25 years and he joined the Life Strategies team in January 2018.  We have 3 sons.  Our oldest, Jake, in currently serving in the US Air Force and he is married to Jayden and they have our granddaughter, Maevery.  Our middle son, Alex recently graduated, and Drew is a junior in high school and he is in a band.  I love to travel and sitting by the ocean is one of my favorites!  Watching the sunrise or sunset is always an amazing experience.