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Diane Knowles

Diane Knowles

Client Relations Manager

I became a member of the Life Strategies team in October of 2012 and throughout my entire career have always enjoyed working with people. At Life Strategies, I have the ability to do what I love best which is assisting clients, problem solving, and overall customer service.

I love working at Life Strategies Financial Partners because I believe in what we do for individuals, families and businesses. I know that when Kelly meets with a client, she is 110% focused on their goals and genuinely cares about their needs, putting that above everything else. I love being a member of a team that cares for clients like they are family.

My focus is to give each client the best possible client experience I can provide, so it is vital to me that our clients feel happy and appreciated. I am the one most people speak to when the phone rings at the office and am the first face most people see as they come into our office.

In my spare time, I enjoy watching college football, reading, visiting the beach, and most of all spending time with my family. My husband and I are proud parents of two children. Our daughter is attending nursing school and our son is a freshman in college.