Our purpose is to complete a comprehensive financial plan that is unique to each individual, family or business based on their values and goals.


Life Strategies welcomes you to our website!  Our company is successful because of our clients and the professionals we work with.  We realize financial planning is so much more than investments alone.  We encourage our clients to be aware of all aspects of their financial life.  

If you are new to Life Strategies, our hope is that your visit will help you gain a better understanding of the financial planning process which starts with understanding your individual goals and dreams. We start with discovery of where you are now.  We then identify where you would like to go and we strategically put a plan into place. This process is more than investments, it is evaluating all of the moving parts to your financial life, including debt reduction and cash flow, risk management, tax planning, investments, education planning, retirement planning, legacy planning and any special situations that may arise.  Of course, business owners have their own set of planning needs and we work through those too!

Life is full of surprises and we pride ourselves on working through life changing events with our clients. Sudden wealth, sudden loss of life, divorce, and sickness are just a few situations that our clients have faced. We know that it may take a team to see a plan through and we have aligned with attorneys, tax professionals and insurance specialist that share our same values. 

You are welcome to call our office and discuss what is on your mind.  Sometimes it is helpful to just get a second opinion or have a sounding board.  We look forward to talking with you soon!



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